Increase your Brand – Hospital Supply Consulting Case Study

Hospital Supply Case Study

Developing a brand strategy for a hospital supply service company with education and customer retention.

Quality branded products distributed with educational training for an affordable fashionable price. Customer satisfaction and continued growth; that is the idea and goal to clinical providers in this demanding healthcare environment today.

The Challenge:

Account Executives within the hospital equipment company were needing to increase customer retention, brand awareness, educational literature and reorders.


The Solution:

After determining and discussing specific strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution a gifting program was customized for customer retention, educational blogs with buyer persona front and center, recognition via Social Media and stakeholder ” buy in “ to go over existing customer concerns, address findings & gather positive information to then utilize within the business development team and customer service to implement across the company.



  • Account Executives were able to Segment out their clients for targeted marketing for the future and buyer persona’s were updated.
  • Account Executives loss of client reduced by 60% and sales increased by 40% in 90 days.
  • Issues uncovered and resolved by 90% which in turn created a referral increase of 20%.
  • The company was able to increase their Account Executives hiring by 1, bonus’ increased with the Account Executives and reduced the turn over within the organization.
  • Secured a company awareness and assisted with the reconstruction of the buyers journey to implement in for the future.
  • An increase of profit and secured orders for the future and gained a working referral program.


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7 Qualifications of Digital Marketing

Abundance of information for our consumers in the Digital World

With an abundance of information for our consumers to absorb, marketers are coming to the conclusion that it is out of our hands and directly in the hands of the consumers.

 In a multi devise, multi-channel world content must be present and relevant.  


Electronic Devices

Review Sites

7 Qualifications:

  • Engage individual on their own time
  • Interaction with buyers
  • Tell a continuous story
  • Verify the right fit for your channel
  • Pre-purpose
  • Clear defined metrics
  • Evergreen built into your footprint

Be relevant! Break through the noise!

Break through with content
Don’t get lost in the abundance of the world!

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A Promotion of Elegance with Evergreen

Evergreen Content

Clean, Healthy and Elevating.

Our HUMAN sensory can almost bring this image to life simply because of the mind.

This is why in marketing Evergreen content is called Evergreen.

Evergreen content is SEO content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers.

Evergreen stands the test of time!

 Article Topic Suggestions

  • Love and Romance
  • Food
  • Finance/Saving Money
  • Parenting
  • Weight Loss
  • Jobs and Careers
  • Pet Care

Having Evergreen content on your site gives you the potential to have loyal and repeat customers bringing in the familiarity of who you are. Of course you want to make sure your content is catered to your niche business

Tips for Writing Evergreen Content

  • Don’t Write for the Experts
  •  Avoid Overly Technical Language
  •  Narrow Your Topic
  •  Link Posts Together
  •  Repurpose your content

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Want a milkshake? Where’s  your go-to place?  I absolutely know mine

Customer Delight

Without a doubt, it’s a restaurant near me that’s mastered the malt to cream ratio with style.

I’ll admit I give this restaurant my dedication, but not every business is so lucky. But the ones that implement the DELIGHT stage are!

To get customers to recommend businesses as passionately as their favorite malt shop and keep them coming back for more, most marketers have to go above and beyond normal customer service and deliver unmatched customer delight.

What is Customer Delight?

Customer Delight, the final stage in the inbound methodology, is defined as surprising a customer by exceeding his/her expectations and thus creating a positive emotional reaction.

In other words, it’s more than just satisfying people with the product.

According to HubSpot, it’s about creating “a remarkable experience to users that focuses on their needs, interests, and wishes that leaves them so satisfied, they can’t help but go out and sing the praises of your brand.”

Satisfied customers use your product, but delighted customers are loyal and actively promote your brand through word-of-mouth.

Take a moment to go over your customer delight within your company, see if your giving that perfect milk shake and bringing the customers in.

Here are a few quick suggestions within certain industries:

  1. Service company might give away an item to use at home.
  2. Educational industry could consider dedicating a certain area in their building for their students that re-enrolled for a certain amount of hours.
  3. Health business’ can offer free screening to their clients.

Once a client is with you, keeping this client in the delight stage should be a given but unfortunately now a days this is not true. Be that company that stands out by simply showing off your DELIGHT abilities.

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Is your marketing moving at a snail’s pace? Content needing refurbishing?

Moving at a snails pace?

Let’s face it, it’s your content and using this to cultivate your organization’s position in the marketplace is a first-hand endeavor. Only you can really know what position you want to take, what conversation you want to have and ultimately what story you want to tell.

Consultants elevate your brand by bringing out your unique story”

Just like our tiger snail pictured above, consultants can grow your content bringing life and color to your shell adding that vibrant color back into your marketing.

An accomplished marketing consultant will:

  1. Bring the experience of previous engagements and help you avoid the pitfalls that are inevitable in setting any new large marketing efforts.
  2. Help uncover your one of a kind conversation.
  3. Devise and execute the marketing strategy plan.
  4. Reset expectations among the team, especially where there is internal disagreement about the details of how it will all get done.

When an organizations says ” our business is distinctive” what they’re actually saying is “our content is special.”

Part of the approach to content marketing is a generalized approach that attempts to find that uniqueness. Bringing in someone new who doesn’t know your organization can shake the trees for some good things to drop. This can also shine a light on how to differentiate your business from your competition.

A good consultant knows the pitfalls, the best practices and ways to navigate the politics of recruiting others in the organization.

An experienced consultant provides:

  1. Sanity checks for getting things done.
  2. Arrange how roll-outs should be phased.
  3. Suggest what kind of content velocity is appropriate.
  4. Ultimately, uncover the realistic opportunity for the marketing effort to succeed.

In summary, to clear offer the dust and get your business thriving again hiring an outside marketing consultant can bring a new light to your story and ultimately increase sales and sustain customer retention.

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6 Advantages of Employing an Inbound Marketing Consultant

Advantage of hiring a Inbound Marketing Consultant

Inbound marketing, a series of actions to drive growth and create movement in a modern, quantifiable, and scalable way. Organizations that implement the inbound process are achieving 4x more in driving revenue and hitting sales goals.


In short, inbound marketing focuses on enticing traffic, converting traffic to leads, and nurturing leads to new sales and opportunities. Which is crucial for a book of business and a marketing consultant can do this for you with great knowledge and expertise.

Here are the top justifications and benefits for considering an extra hand for your inbound marketing efforts.

1. There’s a lack of resources

To get inbound marketing humming there are several steps. For business’ that may not have the marketing budget to hire a team, an consultant can bring the necessary resources.  More than 60% of B2B marketers today struggle with achieving leads and generating revenue for lack of resources such as staff, funding and time.

2. You don’t understand mechanics

Understanding the principle is just not enough: attract traffic, give them a reason to convert, nurture them into customers, etc.—but you don’t entirely understand how the methodology works. A consultant can make sure the important parts are functioning.

3. Benefit from their experience

Consultants have experience across diverse industries and trying different approaches to attracting traffic, converting to leads, and nurturing into new opportunities. This diverse set of experiences can come in handy as the strategy hits brick walls and you need to come up with new ideas to test.

4. Receive inclusive planning

Hiring a consultant can give you that outside look in and objectively put into action the process of Inbound. Planning is key for your success and the experts fully know and are trained to implement.

5. Spread out the cost

A consultant has resources that are shared across their team and other clients. Instead of your organization needing to hire a copywriter, SEO expert, social manager, etc., you can leverage shared resources from your consultant

6. You’ll be able to learn as you go

Oftentimes, you can learn from your consultant as you go. When you feel ready to take on parts of the program yourself, you can! Most consultants are willing to work with you at contract renewals if you have new resources that are up to speed on inbound mechanics.

Wrapping Up

Inbound marketing is an effective mechanism for driving growth, it also cost less than other tactics. Why not go for quality at a great price!

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Resources: Strategy method, Inbound Marketing.

Part THREE: Developing Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy – Aiming High

Welcome to PART THREE of developing your digital marketing strategy series!

In this blog I am going to go over measurement, device performance & accountability and landing page optimization & conversion rate optimization.

If you missed PART TWO and or PART ONE, please feel free to review.


Measurement is a strategic elements that many of us do not take advantage of. Ask yourself “How are we measuring our goals?” You will mostly undoubtedly discover that there is work to be done.

Keeping a pulse on performance via multiple platforms is a good idea, but comparing the performance tracked by different platforms isn’t ideal.

In order to measure the performance of the strategy and to provide clarity into the tactical elements, the goals need to be very specific and quantifiable (we’ll get to that part later). If you are promoting multiple products, there should be separate goals for each.

This also tends to lead to double-counting conversions that multiple platforms contributed to and therefore took full credit, as opposed to an attribution model that shows cross-channel impact.

Device performance & accountability

I urge you to continue to read on to bring a clear understanding of the importance of the different impact that each device has played in historical success.

After defining your goals in our paragraph above, you should determine each device’s role in achieving those goals. Don’t stop now, your success depends on this.

Breaking the goals down to the device level forces you to be both more deliberate in creating tactics specific to each device and accountable for their individual performance, as opposed to letting it all come out in the wash.

Landing page optimization & conversion rate optimization

You may be thinking right now, ” My performance in the past years has been strong” this is where I urge you as I have in the leading up to paragraphs to not slow down or you may turn around one day and see your being left behind. DREAM BIG, AIM HIGH,because there’s almost certainly something to be gained by identifying opportunities to improve your conversion rate through landing page optimization. In fact in Inbound Methodology it has been proven that the more ADDED landing pages to your site the more click through and conversation rate. (Watch for future Blogs on Landing and Thank You pages)

Keep in mind the device goals that you set, and be sure to review opportunities for landing page, app and site conversion rate opportunities through the lens of those goals.

Next week I will join in the Account Base Marketing aspect, be sure to catch that Blog!

Stay tuned for additional digital 2017 marketing  tips!

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