Getting Comfortable in 2018! See Food Company – Brand Consulting Case Study

Developing a comprehensive brand strategy to reposition a food company

The Challenge:

Service company repositioning in today’s Digital World:

  • Introduction to new markets and products
  • Consumers lack of knowledge
  • Slowing category and growth
  • Brand image clarity


The Solution:

Re-evaluate the persona’s to align with the new positioning, expansion of footprint adding video:

  • Optimization of relevant content on the website and sponsors based off of persona’s
  • Additional landing pages with CTA to receive targeted product information benefits
  • Bringing excitement to life with video and images
  • Staying true to the beginning message of what made the company unique while spotlighting its bend and move into the new direction of digital and consumer driven markets



  • Seamless integrated marketing
  • Engagement with landing page offers which in turn gave the company a confirmed audience characteristic to continue to attract
  • Delighting their customers giving them a committed audience, customer retention and customer gain
  • Expert image in the food industry with quality, price and presentation


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Resources: Strategy method, Inbound Marketing.


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