Digital Marketing Transformation a Challenge? See Case Study!

“It’s not about doing ‘digital marketing’, it’s about marketing effectively in a digital world.”

Diageo CEO Ivan Menezes

Developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy for improved efficiency, including paid and organic search.

Moving away from “one size fits all” to flexing digital transformation policies to meet clients needs and wants.

The Challenge:

A service company endeavor seeking to amend marketing efficiency as it tackles:

  • Strong-growing expansion
  • A history and habit of relying on a traditional media marketing ( local print and trade show events ) as an affective digital strategy
  • Returning an unclear and undefined ROI and
  • Pending a website launch with limited familiarity with the digital marketing and core element


The Solution:

The leadership team joined forces with the sales and marketing department to:

  • Audit assets and capabilities – using captured data
  • Bringing in help from the outside world; keeping a company balance
  • Investigate component parts of their whole; the companies relationships in making up the whole to spotlight and initiate the most profitable service lines by demographics
  • Pioneer the execution of a marketing listening tool ( Marketo, Crimson Hexagone )
  • Integrated marketing communications (IMC) advertising such as PR, SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Email marketing



  • Strategy plan
    • New website, SEO, Google Analytics
    • Organic and paid search ranking improved
    • Increase of email memberships, gained new clients, stronger and higher Social Media following, ROI growth
  • Healthy Company Heart beat


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Resources: Strategy method, Inbound Marketing. Marketing Week


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