Increase your Brand – Hospital Supply Consulting Case Study

Developing a brand strategy for a hospital supply service company with education and customer retention.

Quality branded products distributed with educational training for an affordable fashionable price. Customer satisfaction and continued growth; that is the idea and goal to clinical providers in this demanding healthcare environment today.

The Challenge:

Account Executives within the hospital equipment company were needing to increase customer retention, brand awareness, educational literature and reorders.


The Solution:

After determining and discussing specific strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution a gifting program was customized for customer retention, educational blogs with buyer persona front and center, recognition via Social Media and stakeholder ” buy in “ to go over existing customer concerns, address findings & gather positive information to then utilize within the business development team and customer service to implement across the company.



  • Account Executives were able to Segment out their clients for targeted marketing for the future and buyer persona’s were updated.
  • Account Executives loss of client reduced by 60% and sales increased by 40% in 90 days.
  • Issues uncovered and resolved by 90% which in turn created a referral increase of 20%.
  • The company was able to increase their Account Executives hiring by 1, bonus’ increased with the Account Executives and reduced the turn over within the organization.
  • Secured a company awareness and assisted with the reconstruction of the buyers journey to implement in for the future.
  • An increase of profit and secured orders for the future and gained a working referral program.


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Resources: Strategy method, Inbound Marketing.





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