Part THREE: Developing Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy – Aiming High

Welcome to PART THREE of developing your digital marketing strategy series!

In this blog I am going to go over measurement, device performance & accountability and landing page optimization & conversion rate optimization.

If you missed PART TWO and or PART ONE, please feel free to review.


Measurement is a strategic elements that many of us do not take advantage of. Ask yourself “How are we measuring our goals?” You will mostly undoubtedly discover that there is work to be done.

Keeping a pulse on performance via multiple platforms is a good idea, but comparing the performance tracked by different platforms isn’t ideal.

In order to measure the performance of the strategy and to provide clarity into the tactical elements, the goals need to be very specific and quantifiable (we’ll get to that part later). If you are promoting multiple products, there should be separate goals for each.

This also tends to lead to double-counting conversions that multiple platforms contributed to and therefore took full credit, as opposed to an attribution model that shows cross-channel impact.

Device performance & accountability

I urge you to continue to read on to bring a clear understanding of the importance of the different impact that each device has played in historical success.

After defining your goals in our paragraph above, you should determine each device’s role in achieving those goals. Don’t stop now, your success depends on this.

Breaking the goals down to the device level forces you to be both more deliberate in creating tactics specific to each device and accountable for their individual performance, as opposed to letting it all come out in the wash.

Landing page optimization & conversion rate optimization

You may be thinking right now, ” My performance in the past years has been strong” this is where I urge you as I have in the leading up to paragraphs to not slow down or you may turn around one day and see your being left behind. DREAM BIG, AIM HIGH,because there’s almost certainly something to be gained by identifying opportunities to improve your conversion rate through landing page optimization. In fact in Inbound Methodology it has been proven that the more ADDED landing pages to your site the more click through and conversation rate. (Watch for future Blogs on Landing and Thank You pages)

Keep in mind the device goals that you set, and be sure to review opportunities for landing page, app and site conversion rate opportunities through the lens of those goals.

Next week I will join in the Account Base Marketing aspect, be sure to catch that Blog!

Stay tuned for additional digital 2017 marketing  tips!

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