Part One: Developing Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy – Aiming High

The consumer path-to-purchase has never been more challenging. Over 80% of journeys span digital and physical channels and consumers demand experiences that are personalized, convenient and seamless from browse to buy and beyond. All the more reason for us to Dream Big and Aim High.

Digital marketers need to map each point across the series of interactions that occur from awareness through advocacy that deliver on the modern consumer’s expectations and incorporate surprise and delight along the way.

Customer target

More than likely you know your customer levels like the back of your hand, but it is beneficial to outline personas when creating your marketing plan. Marketing roles go beyond the general sort into detailed descriptions, which can provide assistant in identifying opportunities to reach all of the consumers that form your target audience.

For example, you might aim for middle-aged mothers differently from the way you target young single women, because their priorities are diverse. Their browsing, social media and search lifestyle likely differ as well, which influence ad placement and targeting.

 Buying cycle

Undoubtedly, you know your sales cycle. As you strategize your marketing strategy, be sure to account for the different steps in the cycle and how you intend to facilitate movement throughout the funnel.

  • How can you drive additional low-funnel traffic?
  • How long does it typically take for consumers to move through the cycle?
  • Where are consumers dropping out of the funnel?
  • How can you nurture your pipeline?
  • How will you drive top-funnel traffic?

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Stay tuned for additional digital 2017 marketing  tips!

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