Your Biggest Fan

User-generated content (UGC) – any type of content that has been created and put out there by unpaid contributors or, using a better term, fans.

Marketing online agencies are looking more and more to the Users for promoting their brand rather than the brand itself.

Your customers journey is truly your best path of metrics.

Engage WITH your customers – Journey the path together!


Written by, Sally Nelson


Digital Consulting Simply Put

See the digital marketing in its existence when you hire a consultant!

Digital Marketing Inegration

If you own a business you are more than likely taking part in digital marketing. Are you leveraging your web presence to its fullest potential? If you think your brand is not reaching its capability, hiring a digital marketing consultant will transform your brand.

Here’s how:


An analogy; Your company is the garden, lead generations are your seeds and your consultant functions as the fertilizer, water and sunlight.


The successful folks who are also angling for your target audience (aka, your competition) maybe using a consultant and capitalizing on their expertise. Hire a digital marketing consultant to handle social media accounts, regularly optimize your SEO, and create meaningful content and pull yourself in front of your competitors.

Simply put, hire a consultant just once and that is all you need to do to see your beautiful bounty come to fruition.

To Hire:

Push Once


Not in my Head! Let do this! Email Marketing

Stay with me here and I’ll get you through this! Promise.

Black and White Chartoon Pulling Hair

I for one will open an email first and faster when it’s from a friend.     239be34c6efc77608ccac5d9cea6bb60

Right? Think about it, pushing a buy on you… or some good gossip or an invite out! Seriously..

So don’t let it get in your head, the rules that is.. Gotta keep it to the brand, don’t be creepy, focus on your words.. blah blah blah..

It’s really all about being human and what catches your eye will also catch theirs:







  • Know your goal
  • Timing
  • Listen
  • Friendly/Attractive
  • Be specific
  • Truthful and beneficial
  • Curious yet clever
  • Short
  • Engaging and fun

How many emails should you send out to your subscribers?

According to Direct Marketing Association’s National Client Email report, most marketers (35 percent) send two to three emails a month. Nine percent of marketers send six to eight emails a month, and 19 percent send just one email a month. Which one are you?

May I recommend looking into your competitors stats. Be nosy! Get into their business, no shame in this. No copying though, but heck ya who’s to blame you for checking out what works. Strategize and get to work for both you and what you love the most, your customers.

 Tips on how to set your frequency:

  • Encourage and engage with your existing customers to choose how many emails they wish to receive by giving them an option when they signup.
  • Pay attention and listen to metrics and your customers conversations.
  • Implement.

The harsh truth!!

Boxes are overflowing, be the life preserver and bring a smile to their day. Have fun!

Be honored, but careful not to take your subscribers for granted.  Go back to Marketing 101 – Customer Focus Marketing = Listening to the customers and tailoring the products and services to their demand. Avoid pushing what you want – it is all about your customers.

Last but not the least, time is more precious now than ever. Be that “pick me up” they may be needing. Offer a note in their box that they will be looking forward to and then push SEND and grow your business and relationships. Seeking and Connecting.


Evolving World! I’m D I G I T A L..

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a company practice which supervises and integrates planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources into one complete system. ERP is a streamline process across the entire organization. The central feature is a shared database supporting multiple functions used by different business units.



Top ERP Companies (By Niche)

 Enterprise            Medium-Sized      Small Business

SAP                           Netsuite                Deltek

Oracle                      Sage                       Work(etc)

Microsoft Dynamics Infor                 Syspro

IFS Applications     Macola                 Intacct


Artificial Intelligence is transforming ERP Solutions

Yes ERP is inevitable, let me offer you some insight where ERP seems to be blending well with e-Commerce.

  • Improved Data Transfer

big data

You deploy your ERP system with accuracy and reliability in mind. However integration into your e-Commerce store is vital and if not properly implemented it can create fragmentation and customer information being removed or misplaced. Therefore it is recommended to fully – automate where data is taken from an ERP system in its original format and then you can of course convert this to an XML format. Then move this into a compatible e-Commerce with pre-established business rules.

  • The FAMOUS Cloud ERP


Cloud ERP is a enormous server hosted by a third-party vendor which stores all the integrated data. A vendor charges upfront, with mostly no maintenance or upgrade costs. e-Commerce, an on-premise and cloud-based ERP solutions, but as we are seeing more than ever now a days the cloud ERP has increased due to its popularity of the third-party solutions.

In conclusion ERP is around to stay, choosing your software that fits your needs is vital to your success.

Transformation starts with Partnering to Modernize with Innovation & Renewing the ERP Core!

If you would like to connect please feel free to reach out.

Written by: Sally Nelson, Branding Consultant



Millennial Earthlings 


Oh Yeah, Phone in Pockets!!! 

Millennials, a dynamic population sharing a defining characteristic, born early 80’s and the mid 90’s to early 2000’s. Growing up with social media as their best friend; trusting word – of – mouth hype. Needing immediate gratification, love customization to all their IT gadgets and living in the now all with the contemporary technology there is to offer today.

You may ask your-self, how do you market to this generation? Well, branding with this targeted audience in mind should consist of a trendy canvas online site with optimization of mobile viewing in which the Millennial can relate to and trust. Meeting in their spaces with organic two-way chats. Weight recommendation is Millennial 80% and You 20% through images and content marketing using the review sites such as Yelp is imperative.

It’s all about the experience to this generation, taking an Uber, discovering the new tune on a digital playlist and chilling out with a view. You will need to touch a chord through their receivers promoting your clients products by reaching into the Millennials hearts. Allowing an empowering emotion is your best bet. Being socially consciousness of your brand and its message especially on review sites and apps is another great way to catch the attention you want. Your graphic images shout. For example your Mac screams artistic and sensitive. Understanding this may not necessarily be true, but this vision via your graphic is driving consumption as much or more.

Go to the beat of the music, believe in word – of – mouth and engage!!

They are an amazing human!!!

Written by: Sally Nelson, Branding Consultant

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