THINKING GIANT! SEE HOW AMAZON marketing can heat up!

Amazon Marketing is hot!

Let’s chat AMAZON — ranking organically is the #1 marketing strategy you can do.


  • Assists you in reaching the right people.
  • Reaching your buyers products interest that are searched.
  • Product keywords need to hit the current demand.

You need to be proactive rather than reactive.

Ideally it’s best to use terms that a buyer would use. While looking for a product being in your customer’s shoes is the best way to accomplish this.

Does your keyword work?

Implementing the Inbound Marketing best practices have taught us to use a search engine to back up your keywords. Using AMAZON is the best way to do this. Simply enter in your keywords into AMAZON and see what your results are.

If they are what you are expecting, fantastic; however if your search term is bringing up results that are not what your wanting to be partnered with I suggest you revisit and revise.

Here are a few ideas to assist:


An internet advertising model for creating/revising the quality of your keywords.

Competition analysis

You need to be aware of competition with your keywords but I like to recommend being aware of competition at all times. This will only benefit you in every aspect of your brand.

You will not be the only seller on AMAZON, your competitors will most likely be using the same keywords.

If you are on a smaller budget, you should not be targeting keywords and products that will take $10,000+ to rank.

“Amazing is what spreads” by Seth Godin

 Getting started on AMAZON is the hardest thing to do.

A9 algorithm is Amazons own algorithm that it uses to rank products. This algorithm works on the natural generation of organic traffic and purchases. A hurdle you will find is simply common sense here, your business/product is new so it’s not generating much organic traffic.

Because of this, you want to discover keywords that describe your product well but have low competition.

One way you can see how your keywords are doing is by using a keyword tracker. Next Generation Brands recommends KeyworX, which is AMAZONS tracker. Several benefits come with this one being you can directly see how your competition is doing with the exact same keywords you’ve chosen.

We know in this day & time not having AMAZON marketing skills in your business strategy will only leave you behind.

Fulfillment duties, accounting, employees and customer service in its self is a fulltime job.

Next Generation Brands can assist you with all your marketing needs on AMAZON. We’d love to hear from you and learn your story and be a big part of your success.



Next Generation Brands creates beauty ~ #2018Goals #ContentMarketing

See How Green Represents Growth and Words Feed

Content with Infographics

Part Two of:

See How Silver Shines and Words Win in  2018 Best Practices with Hot Infographics

“I’ve tried to remember everything you have ever taught me about beauty..” – Sarah Stewart

With all the wide marketing spaces a question comes to mind… How can my business or my work stand apart, blend, grow and reach into the depths of peoples minds hearts and souls?

In the first quarter of 2018 as we review all the wonderful insightful articles/blogs/whitepapers for “how to”… Content Marketing Institute has it right – short and to the point,

“Keep your audience at the center of your content marketing process.”

Here are 5 ways to perform your content audit:

1. Identify your main goalYour goal determines everything you do in your inventory audit.

  • Get rid of ROT (redundant, outdated, or trivial content).
  • Understand the scope of your content of all types.
  • Evaluate for consistent messaging.

2. Identify the content to include.

  • Know all your websites content/web/training materials etc..
  • Have an Omnichannel perspective.

3. Define your inventory/audit facets by creating a list here is an example:

(There is no one right list but this gives you an idea).

  • Index number (you create) – web-based content may not be tied to a URL.
  • URL (if applicable) – for static web pages.
  • Headline – Transcribe the title.
  • Content summary(or content if short) – Since the title at times may not adequately describe the topic.

4. Inventory the content to be audited.

  • Automated scraping tools such as SiteOrbiter, Screaming Frog and CAT.
  • Exporting from your CRM (but be aware some trash can be produced).
  • Manual capturing is a great method and some prefer.

5. Audit the content in your inventory. Creating a inventory facets list is a great way to lay it all out. Here is a table idea:

  • ID, Title, Product, Messaging Update/Review/As-Is, Next Steps and Notes as your table header.
  • Review all your areas where your brand is being talked about, point of sale materials and so on.

Working as a consultant, freelancer or directly for the business’ it has become vital that we are our own Gardner. Don’t miss out on opportunities, see a yummy blog on this subject here.  I hope this blog has served as some sort of education and solution to your career in the world of Digital Marketing as a freelancer, consultant or entrepreneur.

Next Generation Brands hopes you enjoyed our Part 2 of our Silver Series and can use some of the best practices mentioned. There will be 4 parts of this series, Part 3 will be posted in mid March. See you then!

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Don’t Miss out on Sizable Opportunities! 2.80 Billion Global Social Media Users in 2017!!

Ice Cream Reward!

Just like mom did – reward yourself with rich sweet creamy amazing food –


Retailers, you CAN stay superior by being proactive, inviting, providing education to the consumers and promoting product knowledge through Social Media Marketing.

Facebook has influenced 52% of consumer purchases online and offline, this is up 34% from 2014, according to The Drum. We are Social released the staggering global social media attendance for 2017 showing the importance for retailers to manage their social media channels which will have a direct impact on purchase behavior.

Wow! This is simply AMAZING – Cheers to You!!

Cheers! No missed opportunity here!
Cheers! No missed opportunity here!

The colorful Buyers Journey is attainable with a innovative Social Media Manager, an expert in their field.

Your average social build out is 3 – 6 months, 20 hours a week. Don’t be empty handed as that middle man – reach your goals and make that profit.

Click here to see your potential high level strategy plan.

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Resources: Strategy method, Inbound Marketing.

See How Silver Shines and Words Win in 2018 Best Practices with Hot Infographics

See How Silver Shines and Words Win in 2018 Best Practices with Hot Infographics

Everything you see in society started out as an idea; a concept. Nelson Mandela introduced new ideas to the world in order to promote a positive change. His enlightened perspective and wisdom is engraved in the world and his words remain evergreen.

How important is it to have positivity in your work/life balance? What are you doing with your precious human hours to fulfill your dreams in your career and your heart?

“Silver is Shiny and to Glow Brightly is to stand out!”

Let’s imagine ourselves with a little free time for a moment, to consult or employ that expert of words and ideas. With the abundance amount of free space in Content Marketing, the 8-Second Rule of Attention, according to INC, sometimes we think a concept or idea built from words just isn’t going to cut it. We begin to sink in that heavy, dirty quicksand of self-doubt.

Content Marketing - I Got You!
Content Marketing – I Got You!

But stop! You don’t have to drown in your own negativity. I’m here to toss you a peppermint life ring! Reach out and take hold. I’ll pull you safely to solid ground and slide you into the positive Evergreen of Words written by a copywriter with a big smile on her face saying:

Here are four 2018 copywriting best practices for blogging that are fresh and clean:

  1. 2,500 word count
  2. Backlinks
  3. Title length should be 11-14 words
  4. Anchor text, Partial Anchor text and Exact-Match Anchor text throughout

As we all know, readers expect and have fallen deeply for lovely Infographics… After all, what’s a word without an image? An actor without his stage? How can you see the Cheetos without the cheese?

Hot Infographics - Cheetos
Hot Infographics – Cheetos

But don’t break for lunch just yet! Grab these excellent foreshadowing trends by HubSpot on brilliant imaginary!!

Below is a list of 11 themes – Blast off into mystical lands of Evergreen with hues of Spring while traveling down a nature’s trail with Mandela:

Hot Infographics - Unicorn
Hot Infographics – Unicorn
Hot Infographics - Cactus
Hot Infographics – Cactus
Hot Infographics - Mystical Lands
Hot Infographics – Mystical Lands
  1. Fantasy. Yes, Unicorns!
  2. Draw attention to that bold image with crisp and clean white space.
  3. Our beautiful and magnificent Earth surrounded by the vastness of space. Thank you, Elon Musk!
  4. My Favorite, Marble coloring—finally!
  5. Spring has sprung so toss in those pastels.
  6. Women moving onward, marching to their best! Proud!
  7. The luscious, but prickly cactus – a total sense of strong, bold and beautiful.
  8. Crafts! It’s messy and sticky… Just kidding. There’s no mess here because it’s a Digital Craft!
  9. Yep, let’s meditate. Take a deep breath and get your Zen on.
  10. No surprise here, yes its Bitcoin.
  11. Last, but not least – it’s Holographic Foil!!!
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

2018 is officially here, so entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, writers and Elon Musk, let’s blast off in our SHINY Silver rockets into the positive Evergreen — and wash away that negative quicksand!

With words, concepts and positivity in our pockets, we’re bound for success!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Next Generation Brands hopes you enjoyed our Part 1 of our Silver Series and can use some of the best practices mentioned. There will be 4 parts of this series, Part 2 will be posted at the end of Feb. See you then!

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Resources: Strategy method, Inbound Marketing.

7 Qualifications of Digital Marketing

Hiring a marketing consultant can help you focus on your brand and align your conversion goals. Next Generation Brands would love to hear from you.

Next Generation Brands

With an abundance of information for our consumers to absorb, marketers are coming to the conclusion that it is out of our hands and directly in the hands of the consumers.

 In a multi devise, multi-channel world content must be present and relevant.  

Electronic DevicesReview Sites

7 Qualifications:

  • Engage individual on their own time
  • Interaction with buyers
  • Tell a continuous story
  • Verify the right fit for your channel
  • Pre-purpose
  • Clear defined metrics
  • Evergreen built into your footprint

Be relevant! Break through the noise!

Break through with content Don’t get lost in the abundance of the world!

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Resources: Strategy method, Inbound Marketing.

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